Thinking about representing yourself in divorce proceedings?

To paraphrase Jack Welch, General Electric CEO, “If you think you can go it alone…you are highly mistaken”. You do need a lawyer for mediation or court. We can help. “One who has himself for a client has a fool for a lawyer”. This may be an old saying but it remains all too true. Notice you never see the rich and famous represent themselves. At the first sign of trouble who do they call? Their new BFF, their lawyer! You too can have legal help because: Now you can hire a lawyer to help you with only certain portions of your case. Our helping you with only pieces of your case will save you money but give you peace of mind. Let’s sit down and talk about the questions you have. Together, we can figure out what parts of your case you can tackle on your own and what parts need our help. After 25 years in family law, I’ve heard too many horror stories of well-meaning, good people who get hammered in mediation or court simply because they did not have an experienced family law lawyer to talk with before going into the scene of battle.
Example: The wife who could have received child support even though she and her ex share a parenting schedule.
Example: The husband who could have received alimony because his wife made substantially more income.
Example: The wife who lost out on $500,000 because she took the house and gave up the husband’s pension.
Example: The husband who lost $450,000 because he did not realize that the wife’s inheritance was a marital asset.
Example: The wife who lost at least $210,000 because she walked away from any interest in the husband’s business. You don’t want to be the person living one of these examples. Don’t be a statistic, let’s talk …